Robert Downey Jr. shares special bond with his fellow Marvels stars, says actor’s wife

Robert Downey Jr. spoke to Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth at the Captain America’s intimate wedding

December 04, 2023
Robert Downey Jr. offers advice to Marvel fellow stars at Chris Evans wedding

Robert Downey Jr. has a special bond with many of his former Marvel co-stars, revealed his wife Susan Downey.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Robert’s wife shared insight into Chris Evans’ wedding that happened in September.

Recalling Robert’s interaction with his co-stars at the Chris Evans wedding, Susan said, “I even saw it at Chris Evans’ wedding,”

“Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth were talking to Robert at the wedding,” continued Susan, noting her husband as a source of advice and guidance to many of his fellow actors.

Susan mentioned, “I was like, ‘Oh right,’ he is the guy who is…I don’t want to say a mentor, but I just see him as the dude who knows a lot.”

“He’s been through a lot of scenarios, both in life and in work, and has survived a lot,” she pointed out.

Susan explained what “made” Robert “wonderful and weird” to her when they first met in 2003 and “is still who he is today”.

Chris’ wedding was a major Avengers reunion as Chris Hemsworth and Robert were joined by Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner to celebrate the Captain America star and Alba Baptista marriage reunion who began dating in 2021.