Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce fans slam MMA star for ‘dumb’ conspiracy theory

Paige VanZant suggested Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce’s isn’t real and is just a ‘publicity stunt’

December 04, 2023
Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce have been romantically linked since September

A new Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship conspiracy theory has ignited the wrath of Swiftes and NFL fans alike.

As the bombshell romance between the global pop sensation and the NFL star continues to blossom, MMA fighter Paige VanZant theorized that their romance is actually “fake,” “strategic,” and “a huge publicity play on both fronts.”

“I think that Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce love story – I believe it is 100 percent fake,” she declared on her Page and Austin podcast that she presents with her husband.

In the short clip uploaded to her Instagram, VanZant explained that ever since Swift first showed up to her then-admirer Kelce’s Eagles game in Kansas City, she’s “getting an entirely new demographic to come watch the NFL.”

She further noted that Swift’s appearance at Kelce’s games always seemed “fake to me and so phony,” mocking Taylor’s antics by saying, “how old are you?”

Likewise, she also suggested that the “strategic” move was “good for Taylor Swift,” who has just taken a break from her ongoing Eras Tour.

“Come for me, Swifties,” she further egged on. “You know what? I’ve got UFC fans coming for me. I think I can handle the Swifties.”

And she got exactly what she asked for as both Swifties and NFL stars flooded the comments section of VanZant’s Instagram post.

“Seems like YOU are the one looking for publicity!” wrote one user.

“Bad take, NFL doesn’t need Taylor Swift, she’s not relevant to our demographic,” an NFL fan fired back.