Ryan Reynolds takes revenge from Taylor Swift and Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds trolls wife and close pal, pulls in Travis Kelce

December 04, 2023
Ryan Reynolds brings Deadpool’s humor to the table.

Ryan Reynolds made followers do an instant double take when he spontaneously updated his Instagram story on Sunday.

The Deadpool actor chose to spend one moment of the weekend trolling friend Taylor Swift along with sweetheart beau Blake Lively.

He posted a Photoshopped version of the ladies’ recent picture together, which was snapped at Beyonce’s self-directed movie Renaissance’s premiere.

Seeing Swift’s face replaced with his own and his spouse’s with the You Belong With Me artist’s boyfriend Travis Kelce’s, admirers were left laughing at this silly yet exceptionally creative swap.

“I feel like I should remember this,” its caption read.

In the image, Reynolds holds back to the NFL player’s shoulder as the latter cattily extends his left hand on the actor’s thigh.

Ryan Reynolds gets comfy with Travis Kelce.

Originally, it was these women getting cozy on a blue velvet couch, beaming with smiles.

“Tit for tat,” a fan reposted, mixing more humor in the fun.

Another commented on the snap being shared elsewhere, “Love it, seems that RR caught British humor while in Wrex.”

Someone also deemed it necessary to express gratitude, “LOL, thanks Ryan.”