Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce join Patrick and Brittany Mahomes at festive celebration

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's matching holiday sweaters poke fun at viral tweets

December 04, 2023

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce embraced the holiday spirit at the Miracle pop-up bar in Kansas City.

The dynamic duo joined the Chiefs' festivities on Friday night, where the team threw a spirited costume party.

Swift and Kelce were spotted among other couples donning matching outfits, adding a dash of holiday charm to the celebration.

The scene was captured in delightful snapshots, featuring Swift engaged in conversation with Brittany Mahomes, wife of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The Mahomes couple sported adorable matching reindeer onesies, setting the tone for a night of merriment.

Chiefs tight end Blake Bell and his wife, Lyndsay, also joined the coordinated outfit trend, creating a visual spectacle of festive cheer.

Adding to the holiday ambiance, attendees reveled in the sounds of Swift's iconic holiday track, Christmas Tree Farm, which filled the air in the semiprivate back room of the venue.

An eyewitness shared that the atmosphere was filled with joy, describing everyone as "happy and festive" with a palpable energy that set the party aglow.

It seems that Swift and Kelce not only know how to make headlines but also how to spread holiday cheer, leaving a trail of delighted onlookers in their wake.

Taylor Swift donned a chic black sweatshirt at the Miracle pop-up bar in Kansas City, as reported by an eagle-eyed onlooker.

The buzz surrounding the couple intensified as photos surfaced online, with a spirited Chiefs fan on X claiming that Swift and Travis Kelce rocked matching holiday sweaters in perfect harmony with the party's theme.

The festive sweaters reportedly featured a playful squirrel motif, eliciting laughter and drawing connections to Kelce's memorable viral tweet where he hilariously misspelled the word.