Robert Downey Jr. to never return as Ironman?

Marvel’s Kevin Feige has responded to rumours about Robert Downey Jr.’s character Ironman

December 04, 2023
Robert Downey Jr. rumoured to retuen as Iron Man

Kevin Feige has debunked the fake rumours revolving about Robert Downey Jr.’s Ironman’s return to Marvel.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Marvel Studios President and head of the MCU, Kevin Feige, discussed Downey and commended the actor for his contributions to both the franchise and the superhero subgenre in general.

The question of Feige's potential Iron Man comeback, which has been the subject of recent rumours, was then posed.

Feige answered, "We are going to keep [Iron Man's death] & not touch that moment again," in response to this rumour.

Feige continued by talking about the build-up to that point, which required a decade and a lot of character development for Robert Downey Jr.'s role.

“We all worked very hard for many years to get to that. We would never want to magically undo it in any way,” he said.

In Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man met his demise by giving his life to stop Thanos from eradicating half of life once more and to rescue the universe.

But because the MCU has been struggling lately and the multiverse has been revealed, there has been conjecture that Iron Man might be resurrected or returned in some other fashion