Elitist state

By News Desk
December 04, 2023

This letter refers to the editorial ‘Human capital crisis’ (November 30, 2023) and the article ‘The inequality equation’ (November 30, 2023) by Kamila Hyat. The fact is that our human capital crisis has reached breaking point after 76 years of continued mismanagement. Similarly, today, there is no longer any doubt that social and economic inequality have become deeply entrenched and the law and the state do not treat all citizens equally.

Our politics has become a joke and democracy a mere plaything in the hands of the establishment.

The elites have been and are still continuing to gobble up all the resources of the country without any care or concern for the people. The latter are seemingly resigned to their sad fate. They no longer expect better education or health facilities or any sort of equality. They are too busy just trying to survive. We badly need free and fair elections in February 2024 and not a return of the same old faces and same old policies designed for the benefit of a few at the cost of the majority.

Nayab Ahmad