Population control

By Web Desk
December 03, 2023

At the core of many problems in Pakistan is the country’s rapid population growth. Numerous factors, such as a high fertility rate, a lack of awareness and training, and limited access to family planning services, contribute to the nation’s rapid population growth. Many people, particularly in the rural areas, are unaware of family planning, reproductive health, and the appropriate use and accessibility of contraceptive methods – subjects that are still frowned upon in our culture.

Pakistan’s overpopulation has created several difficulties, including more competition for scarce resources, overworked infrastructure, and a pressure on public services. Exhaustible natural resources like arable land, freshwater, fossil fuels, and forests will continue to decline sharply if the population keeps growing, leading to a sharp drop in the standard of living. It is imperative that we acknowledge the threat posed by overpopulation and prioritize population control.

Anum Khadeeja