PICSS data shows 63 militant attacks, 83 fatalities in November

December 02, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Following a two-month decline in militant activities, Pakistan experienced a notable resurgence with a 34 per cent increase in militant attacks in November 2023.

Data unveiled by the Islamabad-based ‘Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies’ (PICSS) reveals a total of 63 attacks, resulting in 83 fatalities, including 37 security forces personnel and 33 civilians. Additionally, 89 individuals sustained injuries, comprising 53 civilians and 36 security personnel.

People gather around the site of the roadside bomb blast in Chaghi bazaar on October 4, 2023. — The News/File

Pakistani security forces responded with precision, eliminating at least 59 militants, while 18 suspected militants were apprehended. Analysis of October 2023 data underscores a 34 per cent surge in militant attacks, a 63 per cent rise in fatalities, and an 89 per cent increase in the number of wounded during November 2023.

According to the PICSS data, the cumulative toll for the first eleven months of 2023 reflects 599 militant attacks, resulting in 897 fatalities and 1,241 injuries. This signifies an 81 per cent escalation in militant attacks, an 86 per cent surge in deaths, and a 64 per cent rise in injuries compared to the corresponding period in 2022.

Once again, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa emerged as the most affected province, with PICSS documenting 51 attacks, causing 54 fatalities and 81 injuries. Within KP, 20 attacks occurred in the merged districts (former FATA), causing 23 fatalities and 13 injuries, while mainland KP reported 31 attacks, leading to 31 fatalities and 68 injuries. This implies that 81 per cent of total attacks, 65 per cent of total deaths, and 91 per cent of injuries transpired in KP.

Balochistan recorded nine attacks, resulting in 18 fatalities, including 15 security personnel and three civilians, with eight injuries, encompassing five civilians and three security forces personnel. Sindh experienced two minor attacks resulting in two fatalities while Punjab witnessed a high-profile attack in Mianwali Air Base of Pakistan Air Force in 2023, marking a distinctive incident in the province.