Amazon fires The Matrix producer Joel Silver, Robert Downey Jr. gives cold shoulder

Joel Silver’s longtime friendship with Robert Downey Jr. suffers amidst accusations

December 02, 2023
Joel Silver reportedly fired from Play Dirty and Roadhouse.

Amazon has reportedly fired Joel Silver from at least two films, including Play Dirty and Road House, which are led by stars Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhaal respectively.

Some sources say that he has been dismissed for verbally abusing and throwing insults at two female executives.

Other mediums claim that this is Amazon’s way of retaliating after the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang producer didn’t pay heed to the production company’s call for the SAG-AFTRA strike in July, asking Hollywood not to use artificial intelligence anymore.

Around this time, the remake of the 1989 action flick Road House was almost done, so he rebelled and had it completed using AI.

Amidst this disruption, his longtime buddy Robert Downey Jr. has silently dropped out from one of these movies.

While Joel’s team has not responded to the abuse accusations, his team has released a statement regarding the latter concern.

A representative remarked:

“Joel Silver completed all of this services on Road House and was not relieved of his duties, terminated or fired from his services on Road House. He finished the film and did an excellent job. With respect to Play Dirty, as agreed to by Amazon, Joel was in no way terminated with or for cause on that picture. None of this is in dispute. To say he was fired is irresponsible and defamatory.”