Brad Pitt slammed in court for not paying taxes

Brad Pitt lessened property Château Miraval’s value to minimize taxes

December 02, 2023
Tax woes: Brad Pitt loses court dispute.

Brad Pitt has lost a lawsuit battle fought in opposition to tax authorities.

He had significantly brought down the value of his vineyard, Château Miraval, so he wouldn’t have to pay more toll on it.

As reported by court documents, the amount was lessened by 21 million euros, and soon lead to this plan failing as the French excise department quickly caught what’s happening.

In a resolution drafted on November 24, the Administrative Court of Appeal of Marseille verified the accusations, declaring that these tax alterations made to “minimize possession value” are in fact correct.

This statement is public, hence posted online on the French government’s website. It is however unclear what penalty awaits Pitt.

Château Miraval is a 1,200-acre vineyard located in Var, south of France, that runs “along an ancient Roman road and contains multiple structures from the 17th century.”

The actor purchased it alongside ex-wife Angeline Jolie in 2008 after showing a “controlling interest.”

On February 17, 2022, he sued the Lara Croft star for selling her portion of shares without his approval. Since then, the estate has been receiving more international attention.

"He’s gotten away with too much," writes a critic.