'The Crown' final trailer lands amid royal race row

‘The Crown’ final trailer out

December 01, 2023
Prince William mourns Princess Diana and meets Kate Middleton in Netflix’s last six episodes

The official trailer for Part 2 of the sixth and final season of "The Crown," premiering on December 14, has been released.

The trailer of the hit Netflix series shows that Prince William will mourn her mother Princess Diana and meet Kate Middleton in the last six episodes.

Marking the end of its reign, creator and writer of the series Peter Morgan will once again pull back the curtains to reveal the mystique of the royal family in the teased 'epic conclusion'.

The final episodes will feature Prince William and Harry, portrayed by Ed McVey and Luther Ford, as they come to terms with their mother Princess Diana's tragic death (played by Elizabeth Debicki), who passed away alongside Dodi Fayed (portrayed by Khalid Abdalla) in a tragic car crash in Paris.

The first half of Season 6, which premiered on November 16, mainly followed Princess Diana and the lead-up to her fatal car crash.

The hit show's remaining episodes will show William heading back to Eton amid the struggle to re-adjust, spurring family tensions. Viewers will get a glimpse of his budding romance with Kate Middleton while "the omnipresent conflict of life as a public servant continues".

Other notable storylines involve Charles's wedding with Camilla Parker Bowles (Olivia Williams) and the irrevocable change to the Commonwealth. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II (Imelda Staunton) contemplates her life and legacy, and examines how she will pave the way for her successors.

The new trailer for "The Crown" lands at the time when the royal family is suffering from likely reputational damage following Omid Scobie's shocking claims in his new book "Endgame".