King Charles, Kate Middleton face 'reputational damage' following 'Endgame' row

Kate Middleton, King Charles have been hit with shocking allegations

December 01, 2023
King Charles and Kate Middleton seem to be in hot waters

The royal family seems to be in trouble as the two senior royals have been dragged into new controversy.

King Charles and Kate Middleton, who were in high spirits during their latest appearance on two different events, have been hit with long-lasting reputational damage due to ongoing race row.

A Dutch translation of royal author Omid Scobie’s new book Endgame alleges the pair raised questions about Prince Harry and Meghan’s son’s skin tone before he was born.

Joe Little of Majesty magazine said the accusations have cast a "shadow of doubt" over the monarchy, adding: "The allegations, true or untrue, will clearly put doubt in the minds of people who are aware of the individuals who have been named. That can’t be helpful in any shape or form."

The royal commentator went on: "But mud sticks, once the shadow of doubt is there it never really goes away, and it’s got to impact not only on the individuals but also the institution as a whole – it’s a long-lasting reputational damage."

Kate and King Charles have shunned the allegations so far as they continued their royal duties with the same spirits as the Princess of Wales graced the red carpet event and the monarch made a speech at the Cop28 climate conference in Dubai.

Buckingham Palace has yet to respond to the allegations so far; and no royals have spoken about the accusations at formal engagements.