Elon Musk delivers Tesla Cybertrucks to first customers in Texas

Elon Musk highlights Tesla Cybertruck's towing capabilities, bulletproof doors, and straight-line speed

By Web Desk
December 01, 2023
Elon Musk during the unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck. — Tesla

Elon Musk handed over the Tesla Cybertrucks to the first customers during a delivery ceremony at the company's facility in Austin, Texas, after four years of delay and blunders.

Musk highlighted the vehicle's towing capabilities, bulletproof doors, and straight-line speed.

Several clients received possession of their Cybertrucks at the event – opening the door proved to be a bit difficult — before the firm updated its website with new information about the vehicle's specifications, pricing, and more.

The lowest rear-wheel drive variant won't be ready until 2025, with a starting price of $60,990 (before discounts), while a top-of-the-line "Cyberbeast" will cost $99,990 and have an estimated range of 320 miles.

Production was supposed to start in late 2021, however, it was pushed back due to supply chain issues and production challenges. As manufacturing ramps up, the business expects to manufacture just a modest quantity at first.

Prototypes of the Cybertruck initially appeared this year, generating interest in the curiously shaped, divisive vehicle.

Yesterday, Elon Musk apologised for his "dumbest" social media post ever in his first interview with the media after his antisemitic statement on X earlier this month — however, he lashed out at sponsors who were quitting his site due to escalating antisemitism on X.

“I don’t want them to advertise,” he said at the New York Times DealBook Summit in New York. “If someone is going to blackmail me with advertising or money go f**k yourself. Go. F**k. Yourself,” he said. “Is that clear? Hey Bob, if you’re in the audience, that’s how I feel” he added, referring to Disney CEO Bob Iger, who spoke earlier at the summit on Wednesday.

A request for comment on Musk's statements was not immediately returned by Disney.

Musk delivered his speech while X CEO Linda Yaccarino sat in the crowd. Yaccarino was hired to get big-name marketers to return.

Musk also stated in a long-winded talk that he had no difficulty being despised, “Hate away,” he said. “There’s a real weakness to wanting to be liked.