Atif Aslam 'mourns' loss of innocent Palestinian lives amid Israeli aggression

Aid agencies express concerns over Palistinians' fate after Israel's ultimatum to vacate northern Gaza

By Web Desk
October 15, 2023
Atif Aslam during a concert. — Instagram/atifaslam

Noted Pakistani singer Atif Aslam — in light of the brutalisation of Palestinians by Israel — expressed solidarity with Palestine and mourned the loss of innocent lives due to ongoing aerial bombardment by Israel.

More than 2,300 Palestinians, including more than 700 children, have been martyred while 9,042 have been injured amid Israel's onslaught as Gazans brace for an expected Israeli ground offensive in the coming days.

"Mourning the loss of innocent lives in Palestine. Let's stand together and pray for healing, peace and home," the singer wrote on this social media account.

"Allah apna reham ferma" ([Oh]Allah have mercy [on Palestinians]), the caption of Aslam's post read.

Aslam is not the first Pakistani celebrity to raise voice against the brutalisation of the Palestinians by Israel. Earlier, Pakistani actor Ushna Shah had also slammed celebrities playing "both sides" in the ongoing Middle East conflict as Israel continues to bombard Gaza with relentless airstrikes.

In response to celebrities sympathising with the oppressors and the victims, Shah said she did not want a role in Hollywood if it meant that she would need to keep mum when it comes to the Gaza war.

"So what if I never get to audition for that Hollywood special everyone thinks they have a shot at, so what if I never again get a commercial for a multi-national or become the face of the big beauty brand," she said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"When my descendants look back at this years from now, they’ll find me on the right side of history [...] Continue to worship your 'both sides' idols if you like, just know that these statements are curated by PR teams for people I like to call cowards with no substance," she added.

Thousands of Palestinians have fled to southern Gaza after Israel warned them to evacuate before a planned ground offensive against Hamas. However, those who fled to Khan Younis found no reprieve from Israel's bombardment.

As civilians moved towards southern Gaza, Israeli warplanes struck a four-storey building, killing and wounding several people. Dozens of Palestinians rushed to rescue trapped people.

Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, Israeli troops prepared on Sunday for a ground assault on the region as the country has vowed to annihilate the Hamas fighters in retaliation for a rampage in which its fighters stormed through Israeli towns eight days ago.

There's a growing concern over the fate of Palestinian civilians in blockaded and besieged Gaza – one of the world´s most densely populated areas, home to 2.4 million — if it becomes the scene of intense urban combat and house-to-house fighting.

Aid agencies have said forcing Gazans to move is impossible while the war rages.

But with food, water, fuel and medical supplies running low because of an Israeli blockade, aid agencies are warning of a deepening humanitarian crisis.