Selena Gomez's 'Only Murders In The Building' S4 renewal and major character's killer revealed

Selena Gomez's 'Only Murders In The Building' spoilers ahead

By Web Desk
October 04, 2023
Hulu confirms S4 renewal for Selena Gomez's 'Only Murders In The Building.'

Selena Gomez's Only Murders in the Building, featuring Steve Martin and Martin Short has officially received the green light for a fourth season.

This announcement coincides with the revelation of the long-kept secret behind the murder of Paul Rudd's character, Ben Gilroy, in the thrilling season three finale of the hit Hulu series.


The decision to renew the show seemed almost inevitable, given the resounding success it has enjoyed. Only Murders in the Building claimed the title of Hulu's most-watched premiere day in 2023 thus far.

Spoiler Alert: During the penultimate episode of Season three, our trio of podcasting sleuths, donning wedding attire, pointed a compelling finger at Donna DeMeo, portrayed by Linda Edmond.

They believed she was the mastermind behind the poisoning of actor Ben Gilroy, a ploy to shield her son's Broadway debut from unfavorable reviews.

However, the plot took an unexpected twist when Ben miraculously survived the poisoning, only to meet his demise by plummeting down an elevator shaft at the Arconia.

When confronted about her alleged involvement in the poisoning, Donna admitted to the act but claimed her intention was not to kill Ben, but rather to halt the show.

It was later revealed that Donna had taken this risk due to her battle with cancer, though she denied any involvement in Ben's fatal fall.

The true villain of the story emerged as Donna's son, Cliff, portrayed by Wesley Taylor.