Tom Cruise to pay for daughter Suri’s college expenses?

Tom Cruise and ex-wife Katie Holmes welcomed Suri on April18, 2006

By Web Desk
October 03, 2023
Tom Cruise to pay for daughter Suri’s college expenses?

Tom Cruise has no say for his and ex-wife Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri college selection but it is believed that the actor will be required to pay for his daughter’s expenses.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the Top Gun star’s child support payment is reported over $33,000 per month, totalling around $400,000 per year.


The outlet mentioned one major condition in the divorce proceedings resurfaced, according to which all Suri’s expenses including medical, education, college and others would be paid by Tom.

DailyMail reported that Suri is interested to study fashion at a prestigious college, which is why, she has been applying “all over the place”.

However, the outlet pointed out that Suri is likely to stay in New York to study fashion.

Up till now, Katie has reportedly been receiving monthly payment by Tom until Suri’s 18th birthday, which will be on April 18 next year.

Interestingly, the publication outlined two conditions; first Katie may have saved up to cover Suri’s first-year college. The second option is that Mission Impossible star, in any case, has to pay for his daughter’s college and this can extend until she graduates.

Meanwhile, the former couple, who divorced in 2012, welcomed Suri on April 18, 2006.