Taylor Swift’s PR team forced Travis Kelce romance?

Taylor Swift never saw Travis Kelce in her concerts still ended up seeing him

By Web Desk
October 03, 2023
Taylor Swift’s PR team forced Travis Kelce romance?

Taylor Swift is nowadays making headlines with her new rumoured beau Travis Kelce who is an NFL player.

The Lover singer always actively persuades her dating life, or is it her PR team that suggests her to do so?


According to Candace Owen, in her podcast, she alleged singer's PR team gave Swift from Eras Tour another reason to stay in the headlines.

The genesis of events can be traced back to Kelce's attendance at the Eras Tour. As per the Swiftie custom, Kelce arrived at the concert with friendship bracelets bearing his "number," to gift them to the pop queen.

The point is on that day the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 33, failed to execute his plan but still the two were spotted here and there as described by Owen it seems like a perfect plan by the marketing team.

She said, "What I imagined happened behind the scenes was that her excellent million-dollar marketing team sat down and said Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs wants to go out on a date with you and we [the PR team] think this would be a good relationship for you."

She went on to describe how her PR team would have advised her to wisely cash the NFL player's move and made a "map and told her how it would help her brand and they calculated and talked about how many songs she could write and how much money she could make in the end."

Meanwhile, the American commentator suggested this would be it and "this is one category [footballer]" that Swift has never dated and it could be the "dawn of the new Taylor era.

She concluded her stance on Swift's dating with Kelce as "[swift] imagine her next album, imagine your next two years" hinting that her team have termed this romance as a "good decision."