DC directs crackdown on illegal filling stations

October 03, 2023

Islamabad: Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon directed officers crackdown against illegal petrol filling stations and to ensure the quality and quantity of petrol sold at petrol pumps.

On the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner, the Assistant Commissioner Industrial Area Awais Irshad Bhatti was also conducting inspections of petrol stations to check for the presence of duty and inspection of weights and measures as per the notified roster, ICT Spokesman said on Monday. The petrol stations found to be violating the rules were being sealed, and strict action would be taken against illegal petrol filling stations.

The Deputy Commissioner has warned petrol pump owners and operators to ensure that they are selling pure and unadulterated petrol in the correct quantity. He has also appealed to the public to report any irregularities to the authorities. The Deputy Commissioner’s crackdown on petrol pumps was widely appreciated by the masses.

It will also help to curb the illegal petrol filling station business. The DC’s crackdown on petrol pumps was part of a larger campaign by the government to ensure the quality and quantity of goods and services sold to the public. The government has also taken steps to crack down on adulterated food and beverages, and on businesses that were using false or misleading weights and measures. The public can play a role in ensuring the success of the government’s campaign by reporting any irregularities to the authorities.