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Stevie Nicks Barbie: Singer's iconic '70s look reenacted in Mattel doll

Mattel announced a new Barbie doll inspired by Stevie Nicks' Rumours-era look

By Web Desk
October 02, 2023
Stevie Nicks' new Barbie doll is inspired by her Rumours era

Stevie Nicks is reliving her Rumours-era with a plastic version of herself.

Mattel announced a Barbie doll in the likeness of the legendary singer, which is set to release on Monday, Oct. 2.

Nicks’ era from the late ‘70s is channeled in the $55 doll, clad in a flowing black dress and cape which she paired with matching-color platform heel boots.

It also comes with a streamers-adorned tambourine clutched on the Barbie’s hand.

Speaking to USA Today, the Fleetwood Max alum revealed she sent the doll company her “original Rumours outfit” as well the boots to translate her era into the doll the best they could.

She also enthused about Mattel approaching her with the idea of the doll, revealing it catapulted her back to the first doll her mother bought her when they first came out in 1959.

“She’s just perfect,” Nicks recalled gushing when she saw the finished look of the doll for the first time.

“This little Barbie is so precious and they helped her have my soul. If nobody else in the world got her but me, I’d almost be OK with that,” the singer expressed.