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Kanye West wife Bianca Censori's criminal past unearthed

Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori comes from a crime family in Australia

By Web Desk
October 01, 2023
Bianca Censori married Kanye West earlier this year

Bianca Censori hails from a notorious family in Australia with a history of criminal activities.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Kanye West’s wife’s gangster uncle, Eris Censori is infamously known as the “Al Capone of Melbourne” in their native country.

Meanwhile, her father, Elia “Leo” Censori had previously been convicted for possessing a prohibited heroin import and a loaded pistol.

Bianca’s eldest uncle, Edmondo aka “Eddie Capone” also has a fair share of convictions to his name, including police assault and theft among others.

The brothers, whose questionable activities range from gambling and smuggling to murder, originally moved to Australia from Italy with their parents in the 1960s.

Bianca Censori’s mother Alexandra and her two sisters Angelina and Alyssias still live with their father in Australia.

Growing up, the former Yeezy employed enjoyed the perks of her father’s wealth in a well-heeled suburb of Ivanhoe, and later moved to a £1.5million home.

She was in the middle of getting a Masters’ in Architecture and Design from a prestigious Australian university before she was approached by the Donda rapper to “come and work from him.”

The pair went on to secretly tie a knot in a non-legally binding ceremony earlier this year.