This story will unlock the SECRET to your massive salary raise: The strategy you've been missing

Brianna Doe asserts that a successful salary negotiation begins with confidence

By Web Desk
September 30, 2023
Within two years, Brianna's income soared from $75,000 to nearly $200,000, all thanks to her research-backed approach. Representational image from Unsplash.

Have you ever wondered if you're leaving money on the table by not negotiating your salary?

Have you ever felt apprehensive about asking for a raise?

Well, Brianna Doe used to be in the same boat until she discovered the power of confident negotiation and market research.

Brianna, a 30-year-old marketing director, once had a job offer rescinded within 24 hours when she dared to ask for more money. It left her doubting her own value in the professional world. But her journey towards financial success took an inspiring turn last year.

While working remotely as a marketing manager at a Web3 startup in Phoenix, Brianna applied for some new job opportunities on LinkedIn.

A recruiter's call changed everything.

When she mentioned her current salary, the recruiter was shocked, telling her she should be earning $80,000 to $90,000 more based on her skills and experience.

Motivated by this conversation, Brianna dove into a job search with newfound determination. Within six weeks, she secured a position that paid more than double her previous salary – a whopping $155,000.

So, how did she do it?

She credits her success to a "life-changing" job search hack.

Brianna began by researching salaries for marketing positions using a crowdsourced database published by #HireBlack. She compared these figures with her current pay and gathered insights from colleagues and friends. Armed with this research, she set a target salary range and focused exclusively on companies offering what she deserved.

Brianna only applied to roles with clear salary ranges matching her expectations and found them on platforms like ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and remote job boards like We Work Remotely.

This strategy, she says, was "incredibly liberating," boosting her confidence during interviews and negotiations.

Within two years, Brianna's income soared from $75,000 to nearly $200,000, all thanks to her research-backed approach.

She emphasizes that a successful salary negotiation begins with confidence.

She advises, "Advocate for yourself accordingly. What you bring to the company will positively impact them. So, know your value in your profession and get what you deserve."

Hence, if you're contemplating your next salary discussion, take a page from her book and don't settle for less than you're worth.