World Heart Day 2023: If you don't have these signs, your heart is compromised

World Heart Day signifies that our heart is an engine that keeps everything running smoothly in our body

By Web Desk
September 29, 2023
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World Heart Day is observed every year on September 29 to increase public awareness of preventive strategies against cardiovascular diseases.

World Heart Day serves as a worldwide reminder to look after your heart. One of the leading causes of death in the globe is cardiovascular disease.


More than 20.5 million people die each year from illnesses involving the heart or blood arteries, such as heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure, according to the World Heart Federation.

Through a variety of international events, World Heart Day raises awareness about the value of maintaining a healthy heart.

The theme for the World Heart Day 2023 is "Use Heart, Know Heart."

Use heart

It entails promoting the day's significance and topic by using the heart emoji. Emojis are one of the most common kinds of communication used today, according to the World Heart Federation, and they can help individuals stay engaged and communicate across language barriers.

Know heart

The topic of "Know Heart" is to encourage people to take charge of their health because there is a lack of information about it. Therefore, you can better care for your heart when you are more aware of it.

Here are a few indicators that might tell you if you have a healthy heart as this year's topic is "knowing your heart."

Signs of a healthy heart

1. Healthy blood pressure

Heart failure risk can be increased by a common condition known as high blood pressure. Checking your blood pressure numbers can therefore help you determine your risk.

Low blood pressure is harmful to your heart as well.

2. Normal heart rate

Understanding your pulse can help you better grasp the force of your blood flow and blood pressure in various body areas. Your heart health can be determined by how quickly or slowly your heart beats. You can ask your doctor for assistance if you are unable to do so.

3. Normal blood test reports

The amounts of sodium, potassium, creatinine, and other substances that are inextricably linked to your heart health can be determined by a blood report.

4. Healthy cholesterol levels

Your arteries can become blocked by high cholesterol, which raises your chance of having a heart attack. So it is essential for a healthy heart to maintain normal cholesterol levels. Your cholesterol levels can be found out with a quick blood test.

Why should you prioritise heart health?

Dr Sharad Tandon, Director of Clinical & Preventive Cardiology, Heart Institute at Medanta, Gurugram said "Prioritising heart health is essential because the heart is not just a pump; it serves as the central hub of our body's functions. It's the engine that keeps everything running smoothly.

"The heart's job is to circulate oxygen and nutrients to all the organs and tissues through our blood. Without this vital supply, the body cannot function optimally."

"Recent trends have shown a concerning rise in heart attacks and related ailments spanning various age demographics. Prioritising heart care should be at the forefront of one's health goals.

"It's not just about extending one's lifespan; it's about improving daily quality of life as well. By taking steps to care for the heart, one not only adds more years to their life but also makes each day more fulfilling," he added.

Make a commitment to knowing your heart health on this World Heart Day to ensure a healthy future.