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Drake upsets fans forgetting song lyrics during 'It’s All a Blur' tour

Drake criticised by fans over forgetting lyrics to several of his songs during It’s All a Blur Tour stops

By Web Desk
September 29, 2023
Drake upsets fans forgetting song lyrics during It’s All a Blur tour

Drake is getting slammed by his fans and concert attendees for forgetting lyrics to his own songs during several of his It’s All a Blur Tour stops.

After the rapper, 36, of Canadian descent performed at Atlanta's State Farm Arena the following day for the second time in a row, a Twitter user commented, “Baby the ladies on tik tok [sic] saying drake couldn’t remember the words to half his songs in Atlanta.”

Adding, “He tried to give them an encore and she said the crowd groaned.”

When another user asked for a concert goer to confirm the rumors, one person responded, "He did I was there he said he'd brb and we all left."

Another person reported having a similar occurrence at the Dallas stop of Drake's tour.

“Omg finally. In Dallas he kept stopping for like 10 min monologues. My whole section was muttering. I was really disappointed,” they criticised.

And in August, a TikTok user posted a video of the Grammy-winning artist appearing to forget the lyrics of Ginuwine's 1999 song "So Anxious," which he sung over the beat of his hit "Legend."

“just waiting for Drake to sing at least one of his songs how he actually recorded them so I can sing along,” she wrote in the caption.