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King Charles may be ‘skipped’ over Prince William’s soaring popularity

Prince William and Kate Middleton emerged victorious as the most popular royals over the past year

By Web Desk
September 27, 2023
Prince William will become a better monarch than King Charles

Prince William has been suggested to become a greater monarch than King Charles after the Prince soared in ratings as the most popular among the Royal Family besides his wife Kate Middleton.

The Prince of Wales’ made a lasting impression among the American residents during his visit to the United States last week.

In a conversation with GB News, a New Yorker suggested that William should take over his father’s King Charles’ reign during his lifetime.

"I hate to say it but once William takes the reins I think it will be a much different sentiment," affirmed the royal watcher on the long-term survival of the monarchy.

"I think people want William to skip Charles, even though I think that he's going to be a great King and he is a great King," she continued.

"I think once he [William] gets the reins, I think things are going to change and I think they will survive long term," the fan added.

As per a recent survey by YouGov, William was voted the most popular royal with a rating of 74%, while Kate followed closely behind with 62%.