They only want you once you’re better, and there’s no taste of tears on your skin ....

By S. K
September 29, 2023


The Shower of blossoms

By Robert Herrick

Love in a shower of blossoms came


Down, and half drown’d me with the same;

The blooms that fell were white and red;

But with such sweets commingled,

As whether (this) I cannot tell,

My sight was pleased more, or my smell;

But true it was, as I roll’d there,

Without a thought of hurt or fear,

Love turn’d himself into a bee,

And with his javelin wounded me;

From which mishap this use I make;

Where most sweets are, there lies a snake;

Kisses and favours are sweet things;

But those have thorns, and these have stings.

Weight to carry

By Amna Ameer

There’s nothing written on the typewriter for you to read

No book in the library missing its place

No conversation awaiting in the summer evening

Only words that no longer fill the blank spaces

There is nothing unconditional about feelings that are gauged

Now everyday it must seem like a long wait

As minutes turn to hours and then to days

I wonder I mustn’t be the only one whiling life away

There should be a scared? Sacred? corner for me to stay

A place to cherish happiness and keep sadness at bay

A place to feel safe and heard and whole

But why is it that I feel alone in every way?

No shoulder to cry on, no empathic ear to lend some time

Only judgemental remarks,

‘Oh, what has happened this time?’

I know one must grow up and swallow the heavy pill

Your struggles are yours and no one else’s

Even if they claim to complete you from within

It is all a bargain, a give and take

And no one wants to take a life that is destined for a kill

There’s no room for struggling minds barely making it

They only want you once you’re better, and there’s no taste of tears on your skin

For even if a flicker of shadow smears your face with sadness

They want to wash it with bleach and the guilt of your sins

Because no one wants a heart that keeps breaking

They only want you when the wave has passed

And all the clutter has been washed away with the wind

The sand no longer holds footprints of those who caused the broken ribs

They pass by like ghosts of a past that is lost

No name for it to be called

No label to keep it caged

Just some years of a life that is already forsaken

There’s no place for someone who wants to break away

So might as well empty the luggage of people and places

Embrace the demons that keep joy at bay

And see for once the people with the truths they disseminate

And hold them by the collar and tell them they’re never to be trusted again

This bargain is lost, and all profit is set aflame

It is not just for the broken to carry all the weight.

Compiled by SK