Tom Cruise addresses his sleep habits during Mission Impossible 7 promotion

Tom Cruise explains what makes him sleep less in a new interview

By Web Desk
September 27, 2023

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Tom Cruise has addressed his sleep habits at the Italian premiere of Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part One.

Speaking to E! News, the Top Gun explained why he sleeps less than a normal individual.

“I try not to sleep,” said Tom.

Sharing reason of less sleep, the Hollywood actor stated, “I think I don’t sleep, I go unconscious, that's what happens.”

“It’s like, I love [that] my days start early, and they go early,” disclosed Tom as he mentioned that his schedule is tough to keep up with, especially considering the demanding stunts in his movies.

Tom also added that the ending of Mission: Impossible 7 kept him awake at night, perhaps this is why the actor was not getting much rest.

Meanwhile, Tom pointed out that his limited sleep was also because of challenging work he used to do as an actor and producer as well.

Tom told the outlet that despite his minimal sleep, he would perform all the extensive stunt sequences that require great strength and presence of mind.