Adam Britton's wife Erin once 'helped Prince Harry catch a crocodile'

British Zoologist Adam Britton pleaded guilty to dozens counts of animal cruelty

By Web Desk
September 26, 2023

British crocodile expert Adam Britton, who reportedly tortured and sexually exploited dozens of dogs, pleaded guilty to 47 counts of animal cruelty at the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory on Monday.

Britton's wife Erin, a wildlife ranger, once met Prince Harry and helped him catch a saltwater crocodile. Erin was unaware of her husband's disturbing fantasies and has since reportedly changed her surname, according to Daily Mail.


Erin, a biologist and wildlife ranger who has assisted in a range of projects on sea turtles and counting crocodiles, reportedly did not know anything about her husband's crimes.

Britton, 51, worked for a British media house alongside his wife and David Attenborough. He has reportedly admitted torturing dozens of dogs at his Australian animal shelter.

He is an academic at Charles Darwin University in Australia who once hosted legendary broadcaster David Attenborough, and presented on BBC programme Natural World.

Britton would even film himself hurting the defenceless animals in what he called his 'torture room' - a shipping container fitted with recording equipment - and post the sick material online, the court heard.

The details of Britton's crimes are so 'grotesque' that Chief Justice Michael Grant, according to the same outlet, urged the public and security staff to leave the courtroom before the prosecutors outlined the facts of the case in a rare move.

Meghan Markle's husband Prince Harry would also be in shock to know the fact about the notorious crocodile expert's reported animal cruelty.