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King Charles teaches Prince Harry lesson of life with his reaction to Duke's attack

King Charles has been praised for his “tough love” approach with his estranged son Prince Harry

By Web Desk
September 26, 2023

King Charles III's estranged son Prince Harry is said to be in tense since the royal family made him "homeless" in the UK.

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly been roasted after King Charles denied him a bed at the 1,000 room Windsor Castle during his latest visit to the UK.

Prince William's younger brother Harry will reportedly have to give notice if he wants to visit his father, King Charles III. "This is so awkward – I’ve got to say, I’ve never," said Mix 104.9 host Katie Woolf.

King Charles has been praised for his “tough love” approach with Harry after the 74-year-old monarch seemingly reacted to the disgruntled royal's attacks in his own style.

It was a reminder to Harry who "gave his family the finger a long time ago" - that you "reap what you sow, " said GB News host Mark Dolan.

"Prince Harry, the world's least happy millionaire, has even more to be miserable about this week,” he added.

The veteran British journalist went on: "The prodigal Prince is now homeless Harry after he was denied a room at Windsor Castle, having failed to give palace officials enough notice that he'd be turning up."

King Charles reportedly offered an olive branch to his son Prince Harry, inviting him to mark the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death at Balmoral. Harry was already in Europe and visited Windsor to mark the queen's passing but didn't go to…

The Duke, according toDolan, "needlessly wreaked so much damage" on the royal family and is now facing the consequences, adding: “Harry gave his family the finger a long time ago, and now he's paying the price," he said on Mark Dolan Tonight."

Sharing his opinion on the situation, the expert said: "I'm afraid this sorry tale is a reminder that you reap what you sow. At last we're seeing a bit of tough love from King Charles towards his prodigal Prince, who has needlessly wreaked so much damage on a monarchy his father is charged with preserving."

He did not stop explaining how King's retaliation to Harry's attack would be a lesson to the Duke: "And as for homeless Harry, his accommodation is extremely limited. He's now trapped in the Hotel California. He can check out anytime he likes, but he can never leave. I doubt these days whether even the wife gives him room service."