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Rachel Bilson opens up about her ‘obsession’ with Justin Timberlake

Rachel Bilson recalls how her big moment got messed up due to her friend

By Web Desk
September 26, 2023
Rachel Bilson opens up about her ‘obsession’ with Justin Timberlake

Rachel Bilson has recently revealed she was so “obsessed” with Justin Timberlake in the early 2000s.

Speaking on Broad Ideas With Rachel Bilson podcast, the actress recalled meeting Justin at a party before cohost Olivia Allen ruined their moment.

“In our day Justin Timberlake was very big, right? Like, the biggest. Sorry, no disrespect — he’s still very big,” said Rachel.

The O.C. star stated, “We were all at a party, or something, and he was there and I was so obsessed with him.”

Rachel suddenly stopped and then Olivia continued for her, explaining how she messed up her friend’s “big moment”.

“We were kicking it with Justin. We were making friends with him. Rachel went up to him, obviously, or he came to Rachel. I got drunk and embarrassed myself a little because he was trying to flirt with Rachel,” shared Olivia.

She further said, “This is the truth. You want the truth. I was drunk and I [sat] in between them. … I was just drunk and wanted to keep talking to him.”

To this, Rachel chimed in and joked, “There was no room. Olivia planted herself [between us], squeezed herself [between us].”

Rachel pointed out that her friend “battled” Justin all night long, but noted that the NSYNC singer was “great and took it all in jest”.

For the unversed, Justin and Rachel never had any fling or any other relation. The musician married Jessica Biel in 2012. Rachel on the other hand was with ex-fiance Hayden Christensen for almost 10 years before she parted ways in 2017.