Olivia Rodrigo reflects on 'kind' dating advice from young fan

Olivia Rodrigo asked not to date someone who carries their own baggage

By Web Desk
September 24, 2023


Olivia Rodrigo, 20, recently requested dating advise from a little boy, and she was surprised with the response she got.

Rodrigo lately made an appearance on the Recess Therapy programme and questioned the kids “How do you think that I find love in my life?” A kid named Miles promptly responded, “Pick a person that looks kind.”

Recess Therapy is a web series, in which host and creator Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviews children between the ages of 2 and 9 in New York City. The interviews have been shared on YouTube and Instagram since 2021.

Miles then touched Olivia's knee and said, “really hope you find love.” The young boy's confirmation from earlier in the song appeared to have moved the 20-year-old vocalist, who still had more to say.

The boy told Olivia and host Julian Shapiro-Barnum that the "only people they can’t marry are their cousins."

They shouldn't date someone “with baggage” or “people who are thieves,” Miles continued.

The singer got the 'kind' advise after it was widely believed that Olivia's new song might be about her ex-boyfriend Zack Bia.

On contrary, the All I Want singer's former lover explained in a recent interview with GQ that he doesn't actually believe the song is about him, saying, “I think the Internet just ran with it.”