Meghan Markle may 'struggle' to keep memoir plans afloat

Meghan Markle has reportedly decided to pen a memoir but may face scrutiny in the process

By Web Desk
September 24, 2023
Meghan Markle will reportedly feel at odds when deciding to pen a memoir of her own

Meghan Markle may seemingly be at odds with publishers when the Duchess of Sussex will plan to release her own memoir.

As per royal expert Christine Ross, while speaking to Express, the Duchess of Sussex may not be willing to sell the royal family’s secrets anymore owing to her public image.


However, because of Prince Harry’s wildly successful memoir Spare, which became Penguin Random House’s fastest-selling book in 24 hours, publishers may want Meghan to follow in her husband’s footsteps by giving more insight into the royal family.

"The publisher knows that people would be dying of curiosity to see what she might reveal."

She added: "Keeping her comments on the royal family to a minimum would probably benefit her in the long run, but publishers probably want her to reveal a bigger more juicy gossip because that is what really sells."

The expert concluded that Meghan would struggle to break free of her previous image all while ensuring that she still makes a pretty penny.

"I think she will struggle to balance what is best for her and her image, and what the publishers want to sell."