Taylor Swift can't imagine herself a lasting love amid Travis Kelce romance

Taylor Swift previously opened up about her fears of a relationship

By Web Desk
September 24, 2023
Taylor Swift don't think its possible to find lasting love

Taylor Swift does not believe she will ever find a long-lasting love.

Speaking to The Telegraph in an old interview, the Lover singer reflected on the imposition that comes with dating her as a person in the spotlight.

“I’ll probably stay single, let’s be honest. No one’s going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it," noting that no one is fond of "camera flashes" all the time. “I don’t even know if that’s possible with the life I have."

Swift went on to affirm why she considers herself a "cat lady," revealing, “In five years’ time I’ll be so afraid of everything, that I won't even leave my house."

The Grammy winner delved deeper into her fear of relationships, insisting one can't exist without some negative complexities.

“Just because you’re happy in a relationship doesn’t mean that there aren’t moments of confusion, frustration or loneliness or sadness,” she shared.

The pop star's star-studded love life has always been a subject of scrutiny, owing majorly to Swift's ability to create a record-breaking song from a months-long fling.

Most recently, Taylor Swift is linked to NFL player Travis Kelce, who revealed he tried to slip up his number to her during attendance at one of her shows of the Eras tour in July.