A genuine poetry book

By Ibne Ahmad
September 24, 2023

Bismal ki Taraap written by Salma Ikraam consists of a collection of over 100 poems, bursting with throw-it-to-the-wind passion that displays a soul simultaneously injured and elevated by love.


The pain is as palpable as her zest for life. Her words are easy to swallow and unpretentious. Even within her forthright approach, there are undertones of profound artistry. It appears Salma Ikraam has suffered deeply. Her ability to love deeply and intensely comes through in his poems. The sadness creeps into every poem and brings to light a life full of losses.

She spared no feelings in expressing the theme of her book. We all know that love can be a sweet and sour adventure but very few people can put it into verse like the one she did. The reason is that so many people are not too honest about their feelings of love or their affairs. Most people play the blame game or the hide-and-no-seek game when it comes to love. She played no games in expressing the verse in her book. She pulled no punches. Her book of verse is honest, refreshing, and sincere.

Salma Ikraam is a poet who also finds it very hard to write verse without giving up a part of herself. In order for a poet to be effective, he or she must give up a part of their heart and soul.

Salma Ikraam shot an arrow into my heart with this book. One poem in particular caught my eye and attention, I will not name the poem or quote anything from it but I will tell you this, Salma Ikraam was not afraid to venture into her own imperfections when it comes to love and life. It takes a brave honest person to turn the mirror on himself or herself and share that honesty with the world.

This book covers all aspects of life and love, personal, friendship, and family. If you are a human being and can read, buy it and be amazed. If you cannot read, get someone to read it to you or just simply hold it in your hands to receive the blessings of a lovely sincere poet. It is obvious that Salma Ikraam has the gift of expression. Some of her work goes back as far as when she was an articulate sixteen-year-old, and you would not know it if she did not reveal it at the end of the poems that she wrote during that time.

Each poem is so full of volume you almost feel as though each one is a short story. Salma Ikraam is chock full of tasty nuggets and each one comes straight from the author’s heart; whether she is sharing revelations of sad moments, passion for her husband, or love for her beautiful daughter, and mother.