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Jessica Chastain slams Joe Jonas with support for Sophie Turner

Jessica Chastain publicly supported Sophie Turner by reposting against Joe Jonas on social media

By Web Desk
September 23, 2023
Jessica Chastain slams Joe Jonas with support for Sophie Turner

Jessica Chastain, Oscar winner, clears whose side she is on amidst Dark Pheonix actor Sophie Turner’s infamous divorce and lawsuit battle with Joe Jonas.

Chastain supported the actress by reposting a tweet against Joe Jonas from feminist author Roxane Gay that said, “The way Joe Jonas miscalculated his popularity with his transparent attempts at PR manipulation, particularly when the North remembers is FASCINATING.”

The tweet added, “And holding the children’s passports to keep them from their mother? Bruh,”

Gay wrote in a second tweet, “And the thing is, these are not people I know or follow. I just read the ‘news.’ He has handled this SO badly that now I’m paying attention.”

Like Chastain's retweet wasn't sending the right message, she referred to Gay as "The Oracle."

This month, Jonas filed for divorce from Turner, 27, alleging that their four-year union was "irretrievably broken."

Willa, 3, and a daughter who is 1 years old, whose name has not yet been revealed, are the couple's two daughters.

Although the 34-year-old leader of the Jonas Brothers and the actress soon issued a joint statement calling their split a "united decision," a flood of articles portraying Turner as an unsuitable mother started to appear.

Turner filed a lawsuit against him for the daughters' return to England, where she was born, less than two days later.