Students’ project exhibition held

By Our Correspondent
September 23, 2023

Islamabad:Academic project exhibitions hold significant importance in the educational realm. They provide students with a platform to showcase their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


These exhibitions encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork, fostering a holistic learning experience. They also enable students to receive feedback from peers, teachers, and experts, facilitating continuous improvement. Moreover, project exhibitions enhance communication and presentation skills, vital for academic and professional success. Keeping this in view Islamabad College for Girls (ICG) F-6/2 organized a Project Exhibition titled "Beyond The Classrooms ”, a Students Projects Exhibition in which students participated with full interest and enthusiasm and made projects on different subjects.

The projects were about Natural sciences, Sustainable energy, Ecosystem, Biodiversity, Languages Digital library and Social Sciences, in which student worked for weeks to complete them.

The chief guest of the event was Federal, Minister for Education and Professional Training Madad Ali Sindh, while Principal Prof Sabah Faisal presided the ceremony Madad Ali Sindhi in his address appreciated all the projects and surprised by the quality of work about sustainable energy i.e. production of electricity by windmills, garbage, solar panel, small turbine on naturally flowing hilly areas.

Further he liked the projects display of hydraulic robotics mechanical crane’s working model. "Our bureaucracy should send their children in government schools and colleges because the level of education is quite impressive in these institutions,” he added.