Subsidizing the rich

September 23, 2023

The narrative that we need to promote a tax culture in Pakistan has become quite fashionable. However, this line of thought tends to give the false impression that ordinary Pakistanis are not paying enough in tax, which is quite dangerous. The majority of Pakistanis pay more than their fair share in direct and indirect taxes. Everything from bread to electricity comes with a considerable tax on it. Meanwhile, the perks and privileges of our ruling elite are tax-free. We need to tax the elite, who are currently not paying taxes. We must not further tax those who are already paying through their nose.


We have practically divided the country into two: Pakistan for the haves, and Pakistan for the have-nots. Unfortunately, Pakistanis living on the latter side are paying to maintain the standard of living of those on the former side. We must change this and change it soon.

Irfan U Khattak