DSV team interacts with students

By News Desk
September 23, 2023

KARACHI: A team of top executives from DSV Air and Sea, a global logistics company, visited a charitable school in a humble neighborhood of Karachi as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) drive.


The team, led by Wamiq Nazar, the country head of DSV Air and Sea in Pakistan, interacted with students at the Muntasim Masood campus of the Green Crescent Trust (GCT), a non-profit organisation that runs 166 schools in remote and underprivileged parts of Sindh province.

The visitors conducted fun-based learning activities, distributed learning materials, food parcels and hygiene items to the children, who all belong to low-income households. The GCT educates more than 31,500 students from destitute families in Sindh, where many children lack access to formal education.

Zahid Saeed, the chief executive officer of the GCT, welcomed the DSV Air and Sea team

and briefed them about the challenges he faced in his 29-year mission to enrol out-of-schoolchildren in Sindh.

Nazar said he was impressed by the GCT’s work and hoped to continue supporting their cause. “We are delighted to be here and see the amazing work that the GCT is doing for these children. We believe that education is the key to a better future and we want to contribute to this noble cause,” he said.