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King Charles secretly offers 'unique position' to disgraced Prince Andrew

King Charles reportedly decided on giving Prince Andrew some form of legitimacy

By Web Desk
September 22, 2023
Prince Andrew (L) and King Charles (R)

Prince Andrew has reportedly been welcomed back into the royal family despite his questionable past which involves a sex abuse scandal.

Speaking to Daily Beast, a pal of the monarch noted that the disgraced Duke of York was offered a ‘unique position’ in the royal fold, one that would see him absent from public duty but would keep his private life intact.

"Andrew is now reconciled to a strange, unique position—a royal family very much in the family fold in private, but one without any public-facing role,"royal correspondent Tom Skyes wrote in the piece.

When quizzing the royal's friend, over the chances of Andrew returning as a representative of the firm, they responded, “No. That is settled.”

Furthermore, the source elaborated that Prince Andrew himself held the notion that he no longer suited royal life after he allegedly assaulted Virginia Giuffre, and was reportedly found to have connections with convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein.

"What’s done is done. Andrew can’t turn the clock back," the pal said.

Despite this, the monarch allowed the Duke of York to don his military uniform at his mother Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, even though he was publicly stripped of his military patronages.