Russell Brand flashed a woman and then joked about it on his BBC radio show

Russell Brand’s sexual assault allegations pile up as another woman comes forward with her experience following bombshell expose.

By Web Desk
September 22, 2023
Russell Brand flashed a woman and then joked about it on his BBC radio show

Russell Brand once flashed a woman in a BBC building and joked about the incident with his co-presenter not half an hour later on his radio show.

Speaking to BBC News on Thursday, the woman, whose pseudonym is Olivia, spoke up about the incident which occurred in Los Angeles in 2008 while she was working for another media company in the same building as BBC’s Los Angeles office.

Olivia recalled opening the door for Brand and his team, who were there to pre-record an episode of The Russell Brand Show for BBC Radio 2.

Later, Olivia was squatting down in front of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, searching for some sinus medication, when she "felt someone" standing behind her.

Olivia remembered being 'startled' when she turned around to face a man’s crotch, and realised it was "the man that I’d let in – Russell."

In the subsequent conversation, Olivia recalls the English comic remarking, “Oh, I think you’re a bit alright. I think you’re a bit of alright,” before saying that he’s going to call her ‘Betty.’

When Olivia insisted that wasn’t her name, Brand allegedly responded, “Well, I’m gonna f**k you.”

Olivia then recalled coming face to face with Brand's privates, which were "pretty much served to me as you would be serving someone some food".

After the incident, Olivia said she “felt disgusted” and informed a BBC employee about it, only to learn that he already knew since Brand was joking about the incident on the air.

In a resurfaced clip from the exchange, co-host Morgan stated “It’s been 25 minute since he’s showed his w*lly to a lady” as Brand laughed in the background.

BBC staff and management were informed about the incident over the years, but no formal action was ever taken until now.

Following multiple allegations of sexual and emotional assault against Brand, BBC removed some of Brand’s shows from their platform and is carrying out a review of Brand’s time with the broadcasting service.