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India prepares meticulous security plan ahead of World Cup 2023

Security framework consists establishing a robust communication system

September 22, 2023
An Indian security personnel stands guard at a stadium in India. — AFP/File

India has meticulously devised a detailed security and traffic plan ahead of the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

According to reports by Indian media citing a security officer, significant measures have been taken to ensure the smooth arrival of fans at the stadium, accompanied by a well-structured traffic management and parking scheme that is fully operational.

The officer, Indian media mentioned, has outlined an extensive security framework for the duration of the World Cup matches.

This framework consists of the establishment of a robust communication system to facilitate seamless coordination between security agencies and local state cricket associations.

News reports have also highlighted the creation of secure pathways for teams travelling from their hotels to the stadiums. Given that several stadiums, like Pune, are situated at a considerable distance from the city centre, comprehensive arrangements have been crafted to manage this logistical challenge effectively.

Commissioner of Police Vinoy Kumar, according to Indian media, disclosed that a multi-layered security perimeter will encircle the stadium, with each security layer serving a distinct purpose and manned by a designated number of security personnel.

Additionally, a specialised team has been assembled to oversee stadium parking operations, while stringent security checks will be conducted at every security layer and in the vicinity of the stadium before each match.

"These matches are going to attract a large number of fans from across the country. We will be putting in place a multi-layer security cover in and around the stadium. A detailed plan for the same is in the making," Vinoy Kumar Choubey, commissioner of Pimpri Chinchwad police, told the Indian Express.

The commissioner added: "Each layer will have a specific purpose and a pre-decided number of personnel and officers will be tasked to secure each layer. A communication channel has been established between the MCA office bearers and our team.”