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Pakistan bridge team ready for Asian Games

By Our Correspondent
September 22, 2023

LAHORE: A 16-member Pakistan bridge contingent, consisting of 10 men and six women, is gearing up for the 19th Asian Games under the leadership of experienced bridge master Ghalib Ali Bandesha.

The 11-member squad will be accompanied by five officials. The bridge competition at the Asian Games will feature three categories: Men’s Team, Women’s Team, and Mixed Team. The event will take place at the Hangzhou Qi-yuan (Zhili) Chess Hall from September 27 to October 6.

Ghalib Bandesha, the captain, shared that Pakistan will participate in two competitions: the Men’s Team and Mixed Team events. He mentioned that five players from the national squad will compete in the Men’s competition, while six will participate in the Mixed Team event.

Bandesha expressed confidence in the highly experienced players in the team such as Rubina Agha and Masood Mazhar, who have earned many world titles and medals in their careers.

He expects that the team will deliver outstanding performances and bring honour to Pakistan in this prestigious event. He said that 13 countries will be competing in the Asian Games bridge event, including strong teams such as China, India, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Bandesha emphasised the need for their players to showcase their full potential to succeed in the Asian Games, given the tough competition they will face from these renowned bridge outfits.

Pak bridge contingent:

Players: Ghalib Ali Bandesha (capt), Rubina Agha, Masood Mazhar, Anwar Mumtaz Kizilbash, Shahab Sarki, Yousuf Jan Mohammad, , Samira Jimmy Fancy, Azra Raja, Arslan Mansoor, Farrukh Liaqat and M Zia Hai. Team officials: Raheel Ahmed, Jaweria Hai, Mosammat Lata Begum, Raana Bodman and M Arif Bajwa.