KSrelief distributes food handouts among flood victims of Sindh, Punjab

By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir
September 22, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The King Salman Relief Centre (KSrelief) has successfully distributed 9,400 essential food packages to assist individuals affected by the recent floods in various regions of Dadu and Sujawal in Sindh, Bahawalnagar and Muzaffargarh in Punjab in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).


According to the Saudi mission in Islamabad, the initiative aims to bring much-needed relief to 65,800 people across Pakistan through the distribution of 9,400 food packages. Each package is thoughtfull

y designed to provide essential sustenance, weighing a total of 95kgs and containing 80kg of flour, five litres of cooking oil, 5kg of sugar, and 5kg of gram pulse.

These provisions are carefully designed to support a family’s nutritional needs throughout the month. Meanwhile, Saudi Ambassador in Pakistan Nawaf bin Saeed Al-Maliki has been personally supervising the relief activities. He also undertook extensive visit of the affected areas during the days of unprecedented floods that wreaked havoc in the country.