Ellie Kemper applauds Jon Hamm, 'He's a Good Guy' at one-woman show

Ellie Kemper speaks highly of Jon Hamm's character at one-woman show

By Web Desk
September 22, 2023
Jon Hamm supports former student Ellie Kemper at her early career standup show.

Ellie Kemper, renowned for her roles in Bridesmaids and The Office, shared a touching anecdote on Wednesday's episode of Andy Cohen Live.

Kemper revealed how her former high school drama teacher, Jon Hamm made a surprise appearance at her one-woman comedy show in Los Angeles, back when she was just beginning her acting career.


Kemper recounted the touching moment, saying, "I was doing this one-person show in Los Angeles, and at that time, he was already famous on Mad Men."

She reached out to Hamm by emailing him using their high school directory, expressing her hopes that he could attend her show despite his busy schedule.

To her delight, Jon Hamm not only responded to the email but also made the effort to attend her performance.

This encounter marked a reconnection between the two, as Hamm had previously taught Kemper during her high school years.

Kemper and Cohen wholeheartedly agreed that Jon Hamm is a "class act."

Their camaraderie was nurtured through various encounters, including Hamm's tenure as Kemper's drama teacher and a guest appearance in her early comedy show.

Kemper commented on Hamm's good looks, remarking that he was "great-looking" even during his days as a high school drama teacher.