This 100-year-old woman is living proof of what she says is secret of her long and healthy life

Madeline Paldo has recently retired but believes that staying active through work played a pivotal role in her remarkable longevity

By Web Desk
September 21, 2023
Madeline Paldo is a 100-year-old who lives in Chicago and worked there for 81 years.Courtesy of Madeline Paldo

In a world where the desire for a long and healthy life is universal, one centenarian's story stands out as a testament to the possibilities of a life well-lived.

Meet Madeline Paldo, who is a 100-year-old lady. She has recently retired but believes that staying active through work played a pivotal role in her remarkable longevity.

"I enjoyed working," Paldo says, reflecting on her more than eight decades of employment. "Retirement, I don't like too much."

Madeline's journey began at age 18 when her family started a sign business in Chicago. She was responsible for office work and cherished her interactions with customers.

"I liked being with the public. I liked being with people," she says. "I liked to go to work."

Madeline Paldo's story aligns with an 85-year Harvard study that underscores the importance of positive relationships in making people happier and potentially extending their lives.

Paldo places a strong emphasis on family and friends, staying socially engaged by attending family events, dinners with her children, and weekly visits to Dunkin' Donuts with her son.

"I look forward to that every week," she says, highlighting the joy of companionship.

Paldo also attributes her long life to genetics, noting that her older sister lived to the age of 103. However, she acknowledges the role of a mostly plant-based diet and an active lifestyle in her health.

"I'm in pretty great shape for 100," she remarks, emphasizing her ability to navigate stairs with ease.

Maintaining a healthy diet has been a lifelong habit for Paldo, instilled during her childhood when her family relied heavily on vegetables due to financial constraints. Today, she steers clear of junk food and maintains a health-conscious lifestyle.

Madeline Paldo's optimism shines through as another potential factor contributing to her longevity. Centenarians, in general, tend to possess a positive outlook on life. Paldo believes that "everything can be solved" and expresses gratitude for reaching 100 with good health.

"I can't complain about my health. I'm walking, I'm talking, and I have no pain," she concludes, encapsulating a life well-lived and an inspiring testament to the secrets of longevity.