Canada intelligence told Justin Trudeau in 2017 Indian diplomats conspiring against local Sikhs but no action taken

By Murtaza Ali Shah
September 21, 2023
— Provided by the reporter

LONDON: Canada’s national security agency warned its government in 2017 that Indian intelligence services was using it’s Indian consulate diplomatic networks to target Canadian Sikh community and that this was a threat to Canada’s national security but the previous govt hushed the issue due to “political sensitivity” as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was planning to visit India at that time , according to classified Canadian intelligence documents.


Canada Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) warned in a sensitive report in 2017 that Indian intelligence networks in Vancouver and Toronto planned to attack Sikhs and recommended that Indian spy agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) networks sand expanding influence and interference in Canadian national affairs should be disrupted for national security reasons but the Canadian govt blocked CSIS’s recommendation due to “political sensitivity”, according to a confidential Canadian foreign interference review.

The sensitive report was prepared by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP), a body with broad mandate to review Canada’s national security and intelligence organizations.

CSIS wanted to immediately launch an operation against the Indian spy network working against Canadian Sikh interests but Ottawa blocked the operation recommendation as it feared the operation would annoy India and impact Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s upcoming trip to India. As a result, says the top-secret report finalised and submitted in June 2019, the Indian diplomats in Vancouver and Toronto continued to run the networks “unabated” while the Canadian govt looked the other way.

The revelations surface within hours after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped in bombshell in Canada’s Parliament revealing that India’s government was directly linked links to the targeted murder in June this year of prominent Vancouver Sikh community leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who was President of Canadian chapter of Khalistan Referendum, the campaign being spearheaded by pro-Khalistan separatist group Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) across the Western world.

PM Justin Trudeau also revealed that during the G20 Summit in India two weeks ago, he categorically told the US President Joe Biden and PM Narendra Modi that India has killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar inside a British Columbia Gurdwara on Canadian soil. Canada has also ordered the immediate removal of RAW’s Canada station chief to leave the country, clearly suggesting that he had organised the killing using local networks of Indian govt spies – identified first in 2017 by CSIS.