September 21, 2023

This refers to the letter titled ‘Sort it out’ (September 15, 2023) by Abdullah Gous. I must highlight that loadshedding follows a schedule that is carried out after a thorough assessment of the network for electricity theft and losses. As of now 71 per cent of the network is exempt from loadshedding. These are regions where bills are paid on time and theft of electricity is low. The remainder are areas where up to 90 per cent of electricity is stolen and bills against actual consumption are unpaid. It is pertinent to mention that supply improves on timely payment of bills and when a collective effort is made to curb electricity theft.


Using technology, suspected theft is noted, and regular actions are carried out against those who use ‘kundas’ for illegal power supply. We look forward to residents, businesses, and elected representatives who can collaborate with us and highlight discrepancies where theft is suspected or active. To report on suspected theft, customers can reach out to our social media platforms.

KE Spokesperson