Disney staff labels Ariana Grande as 'most disrespectful' celebrity visitor

Ariana Grande is a nightmare for every staff member

By Web Desk
August 08, 2023
Ariana Grande's recent troubles draw attention as theme park workers reveal why they're not surprised.

Disney and Universal theme parks are speaking out about why Ariana Grande has earned the label of one of the most 'disrespectful' celebrities they've encountered.

Allegations suggest that Ariana Grande compelled other park guests to vacate attractions so she could enjoy them exclusively.


Grande's attitude reportedly clashed with the ethos of these VIP tours. Unlike other celebrities who graciously interact with other parkgoers and share rides, Grande's alleged behavior has led to a different reputation.

Accounts from insiders shed light on what some describe as the pop star's "entitled" actions during her visits to both Disney and Universal theme parks.

Teresa Jack, an Orlando-based entrepreneur, disclosed that Grande's behavior at Disney parks reportedly goes beyond utilizing VIP tours.

According to Jack, Grande allegedly demands entire rides to herself, prompting shutdowns that can last for hours.

Jack asserted that such behavior is far from typical celebrity conduct, and noted that Grande's alleged rudeness extends to service industry staff.

Reilly, a former scare actor at Universal during "Halloween Horror Nights," recounted an incident where the pop star's presence seemed to alter the course of events.

According to Reilly, Grande not only demanded free food but also expressed impatience with park procedures, which required clearing out areas for her exclusive access.

Reilly emphasized that the singer's actions were not only demanding but also disrespectful to employees who were working hard to cater to her needs.

One TikTok user recounted how Grande allegedly touched props despite being told not to and responded with the question, "Do you know who I am?"