Christina Applegate unsure about career as she battles MS

Christina Applegate made public her MS diagnosis in 2021

By Web Desk
June 10, 2023
Christina Applegate made public her MS diagnosis in 2021

Christina Applegate has weighed in about her acting career future as she faces multiple sclerosis.

The Dead to Me actor channeled her inner thoughts while receiving the TV Fest legacy award for her achievements.


"Thank you so much for being supportive and understanding as I journey through this new part of my life, not knowing if I'm going to continue on to act anymore," Applegate said. "I don't know if I can. I'd love to, I do miss it. I miss it so much."

The 51-year-old also added, "It's a daily struggle to walk and to move and stuff, but I'm so happy I ended it with a show like 'Dead to Me.'"

Further, the Bad Moms actor ended her acceptance speech on a humble note, "I've had a lot of fun, so thank you."

In 2021, Applegate announced she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or MS.

After her diagnosis, the actor went on to spread awareness about the disease.

"There are just certain things that people take for granted in their lives that I took for granted," she told Vanity Fair.

"Going down the stairs, carrying things — you can't do that anymore. It ******* sucks. I can still drive my car short distances. I can bring up food to my kid. Up, never down."