Netflix rakes in 'large' sign-ups after password-sharing crackdown

Netflix bet on password-sharing crackdown paid off

By Web Desk
June 10, 2023
Netflix bet on password-sharing crackdown paid off

Netflix will go hard on the previously promoted password-sharing culture as the crackdown yielded incredible results.

According to Antenna, a research firm, tracking the streaming giant statistics has revealed that 100,000 daily registered to Netflix on May 26 and May 27.


The report also highlighted the streamer has experienced "the four single largest days of U.S. user acquisition" since the streaming data analyst started measuring Netflix four and a half years ago.

However, the ban on password-sharing also led to several subscribers canceling their subscriptions.

Since the clampdown on account sharing picked pace, many took to Twitter to express their anger by using the hashtag #CancelNetflix.

The users also shared screenshots of quitting their subscriptions after the password-sharing ban, as per BGR.

"11 years paying a subscription, oh well, time to move on," one viewer tweeted.

Another complained, "I've been a subscriber for ten years. I'm now married with kids and have homes in multiple countries. For this reason, I upgraded to Premium. Netflix used to be convenient, even if they were overpriced and had mediocre content. They just lost that edge."

"Bye, Netflix," a third added.