'Indiana Jones' producer opens up on possible time travel

'Indiana Jones' Dial may bridge the gap between science and fantasy

By Web Desk
June 10, 2023
'Indiana Jones' Dial may bridge the gap between science and fantasy

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny producer Frank Marshall hinted the Dial in the movie could be used for time travel.

"The Dial of Destiny is perfect for us because it's about time," the 76-year-old told SFX magazine.


"It's math and time. We always try and have some sort of archaeological connection, and there was certainly that -- there's a mythology to the Dial of Destiny that exists. It turned out to be the perfect thing for this movie."

The producer added that the titular object has the potential to turn fiction into reality.

"It works in the plot because it is scientific," Marshall continued. "Well, I guess it's scientific! It really works for what we are doing, and it sets up a whole lot of great plot points. The question is, if you can control time, like in Back to the Future, would you change things? And what would that mean? That's a big question for everybody and certainly is in the movie."

The producer also opened up about the evil intentions of the antagonists related to Dial of Destiny's use.

"It's a plot point that drives the story," the producer explained. "[Mads Mikkelsen's character] wants to go back and change time, change what happened, and obviously, it turns out to be in Nazi Germany. The Nazis are kind of a thread we've had through all of the movies. I think it definitely works this time."

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will hit the cinemas on June 30th